Pirates Vs. Dragons


The second album I did with Marc Gunn was Pirates Vs. Dragons. This was a fun one to do because we also created a “journal” of his ordeal kidnapped by the pirates. Here are the lyrics for these songs.

Come and Be a Pirate

Pirates & Dragons

There’s a Storm a-Comin’

Hey-Ho, to Be a Pirate

The Ballad of Jenny Malloy

The Shining Lady Jean

Do Pirates Taste Better (this song is the only one on the album I didn’t write)

Our Pirate Crew of Ten

The Dragon Hoard

The Truth About Dragons

Keep Them Soaring

Didja Ever See a Dragon Fly?

How Do We Steal from a Mighty Dragon?

The Wreck of the Bold Irish Stout

A Pirate’s Confession

Save the Dragons