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From Within the Mist
The Stygian Soul
A Bubba in Time Saves None
Reloaded: Both Barrels
In the Bloodstream
Nightmare Walkers and Dream Stalkers
Come to My Window
Tales of the Black Arts: A Sword & Sorcery Anthology
Terra Mechanica
These Vampires DON’T Sparkle
The Grotesquerie
Sulfurings: Tales from Sodom and Gomorrah
Of Stars and Science: Tales from the Multiverse
Nightmare Stalkers and Dream Walkers Vol. II
Cursed Curiosities
Lucky Draw
Dark Fairy Tales Revisited Vol. II
Hardboiled: Crime Scene
Avast, Ye Airships!
O’ Words
X Anthology
Growing Pains
Deep Space Dogfights
Discovery: QSF’s Second Annual Flash Fiction Contest
Killing It Softly Vol. I
Killing it Softly Vol. II
On Fire
Magical Crime Scene Investigation: MCSI

(I give up on listing all of these…way too many to keep track of)

The Blood that Binds
The Lute and the Liar
Sidhe Moved Through the Faire
The Right Hand of Velachaz
The Luckless Prince
The Marvelous Mechanical Man
The Nearly Notorious Nun
The Incredibly Irritating Irishman
The Fiercely Formidable Fugitive
The Elderly Earl’s Estate
Mutiny on the Moonbeam

Straying from the Path
Dancing on the Edge
If My Sandcastle Drowns…Can I Live With You?
Take Out from the Writer’s Cafe
By Candlelight
Overheard in Hell

Tales from the Home for Wayward Spirits and Bar-B-Que Grill
Bruce and Roxanne Save the World…Again!
Miles To-Go
Drink My Soul…Please
Bloody Rain
Hope’s Chest
Grandmother Clause
Bruce and Roxanne: From Start to Finnish


Don’t Go Drinking With Hobbits
Pirates vs. Dragons
As Long as I’m Flyin’
Misc. Lyrics