My first novel. It is out-of-print, but there are usually a few copies floating around on Amazon.

This is the story of a young prince and his page who set off on a routine trading run that turns out to be an adventure beyond their wildest dreams.

My second novel — currently out-of-print.

The story of an apprentice bard with the voice of an angel and an inability to tell the truth. After his lies get him dismissed from his guild, he finds himself on a quest for a magical lute.

The story of a pair of fae twins who go to a market faire and fall in love with humans. Each deals with the consequences of their romance in their own way in this woven tale of two paths to the same destination.

available from Melange Books

A complete re-envisioning of The Blood that Binds with new characters, more action, and greater knowledge of my craft. I am extremely proud of how this version turned out.

available from Zumaya Otherworlds

  • The Right Hand of Velachaz

My YA novel.

The tale of a twelve-year-old street-rat who becomes apprentice to a wizard and goes off to slay a dragon. Along the way, Teman’s courage and wit prove to be the key to saving everyone involved.

I still have a few print copies left from its original publisher, and may revise it in future.

Volume One in my first series ever tells the story of Josephine Mann, plucky heroine in need of a job. With her typical Irish luck, she meets Professor Alistair Conn and becomes his assistant, but it is a case of “be careful what you wish for” as Jo’s life is turned upside-down and the adventures just keep coming.

From Zumaya Otherworlds.

4 Responses to Novels

  1. DC says:

    I heard about the Luckless Prince from the Celtic Music Podcast. I have added it to my ‘to read’ list. =)


  2. Ed G. Mugford III says:

    Hiya! Mom loaned to me a copy of your Fabulous book, Marvel Mech Man! I love anything Robotish. I was curious about Steampunk Lit, and when isaw the cover art I Had to read it. Then, Mom explained Who You Are!
    Wow! Im very proud to know you! MMMan is a truly FUN novel! Congratulations! So! Where is the Next MMMan Novel?!


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