Here are the links to the individual RieView posts, oldest to newest, so you can find them all in one place:

Red (I’ve gotten better at reviewing. :)) — Film

Jekyll — Television

Living Faerie: Looking for the Green Man — Poetry

I Wandered from New Orleans — Poetry

The Alienist — Historical Fiction

Lost — Television

Through the Eyes of Your Teens — Poetry

Heart’s Blood — Steampunk Fantasy Romance

The Haunted Chamber — Classic Romance

Room — Contemporary Fiction

The Hunger Games trilogy — Futuristic YA

Of Blood and Honey — Urban Fantasy

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo — Mystery/Contemporary Fiction

Zombieland — Film

The Mirror of Yu-Huang — YA Fantasy

Unrequited — Horror Romance

Rosemary and Rue — Urban Fantasy

Bloodlines — Vampire novel

True Grit — Western

The Friend Request — Dark Cautionary Humor

Rick Riordan — in general… (YA Fantasy, Adult Mystery)

Random Realities — Short Story collection

Rock of Ages — Film

Odd Thomas — Dark Fantasy? Horror?

The Addams Family — Humorous “Horror”


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