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  • The easiest thing to do to keep the news up-to-date is drop this in here:

Amazon page:

I do try and claim all my books as soon as they are published on Amazon, so that is most likely to be a current update.

In other news, I have taken over editing of the Horrified Press imprint Thirteen O’Clock, so I am even less likely to be timely in website updates…but I will try. 🙂


  • And…the latest latest news was posted 18 months ago…needless to say, it is a bit out-of-date. 🙂

Since then, I took control of The Conn-Mann Chronicles as a self-published project, and have learned a LOT about that aspect of the business. Books I and II have been re-released, and Book III is also out now–Book IV will be out soon. Details on all of that can be found on the website linked above.

I have edited two anthologies for Mocha Memoirs: Avast Ye, Airships! and Ghosts, Gears, and Grimoires. And they released my collection of short stories RieTales.

I have written another book of poetry: Overheard in Hell

I wrote lyrics for another of Marc Gunn’s CD’s: Pirates Vs. Dragons and an accompanying “Journal” you can get on Amazon.

I have been privileged to be included in several more anthologies, most notably Killing It Softly.


  •  Things have been moving thick and fast since my last update. I think the updating for every sale individually is a thing of the past. But I will update more regularly, I promise.

For now, I am pleased to announce that the second book in The   Conn-Mann Chronicles will be out by the end of the summer.

And there are several anthologies coming out soon with my           work in them. 🙂




  • “Steel Velvet” now out again in the Jan. 2014 Issue of  Lorelei Signal.


  • “The Seven Year Itch” has been accepted for Xchyler Publishing’s Around the World in 80 Days Steampunk anthology.


  • Nightmare Walkers and Dream Stalkers, with the reprint of “MacKenzie’s Rose” has been published by Horrified Press in paper and ebook formats.



  • “Danse Macabre: A selection of terrifying poetry” is now available from Atlantean Publishing out of the UK


  • Metastasis is now available from Wolfsinger Press



  • “Blood Composition” has been accepted for the next issue of Wolf Willow Magazine



  • “The Madness in Her Eyes” will appear in Mocha Memoirs’ In the Bloodstream anthology.



  • “The Sorrow of Trees” and “Early Morning” accepted for Fragrance Online Magazine


  • “Sixes and Sevens” and “Remember Me” have been accepted for the Twenty anthology.


  • “Star Light, Star Bright” accepted to run in January issue of AntipodeanSF and feature on the February episode of their radio show.






  • “Long Ago” and “Grandfather Clock” will be in the premiere issue of Black Cat Lit



  • “MacKenzie’s Rose” will be in the Nightstalkers and Dream Walkers anthology



  • “Tumbling After” will be in the Reloaded: Both Barrels anthology from Shotgun Honey


  • “Liberty” has been accepted by the Discontinuum Anthology


  • “Danse Macabre” will be in the Scary Poetry Collection from Atlantean Publishing


  • “For the Good of All” has been accepted by the Heroes All anthology


  • “Steel Velvet” will be appearing in Lorelei Signal and Mystic Signal later this year


  • “The Airship Pilot” will be appearing in Gearhearts Steam-punk Glamor Revue


  • “It’s a Long Way Down” has been accepted by Song Story Press for Song Stories: Volume Two


  • “Dueling Drive Ins” appears in the Di-Verse-City 2013 anthology


  •  “Shadow of a Black Crow” has been accepted by Song Story Press for the Come to My Window anthology


  • “Blowing Cotton” and “The Rio Grande” available in the Boundless 2013 Anthology


  • I sold a poem to the May “Oceans” issue of Penumbra.


  • “The Heart of a Hitman” has been accepted for the Hero’s Lament anthology


  • My story “Married to the Sea” has been chosen for the Terror By Gaslight anthology


  • Sold “To Run Is to Fly” to Four Star Stories.




  • “Interview with a Zombie” has been chosen for the Zombiefied anthology coming from Sky Warrior Book Publishing. I’ve seen the line up. It looks like a fun anthology. 🙂





  • The landing page for my Virtual Book Tour next month is now ready. Keep an eye out here for tour dates!


  • Just got added to the list for Austin Comic Con in November. I’ll have a table with all my stuff available — including the Hobbit CD and The Luckless Prince unless something goes awry between now and then. This will be a blast! There are a lot of cool people on the guest list already, and more to come. For the complete list, check here.


  • The Firefly Drinking Songs album that includes the song “Browncoats Keep Flyin'” that I wrote the lyrics for is currently in production, and will be out in the next few weeks.


  • Looks like the Hobbit Drinking songs album is soon to go into production.  Want a chance to help sponsor the CD for some really cool perks? Here are the pre-order options!




  • Forgot to mention my very latest news — “Drink My Soul…Please”, my one semi-hard science fiction story previously included in the Beyond the Mundane: Flights of Mind anthology will be reprinted as a stand alone e-book in January from Mocha Memoirs Press.


  • Straying From the Path, my collection of fairy tale poems is finally back in print. The original limited edition was 50 copies. Now anyone can get their own. 🙂 I am so happy it is available once more.