Poetry Collections

  • Straying from the Path

    A collection of thirteen illustrated poems based on the classic fairy tales. These are not your children’s fairy tales… Print now available once more from Lulu (where it is cheaper) or Amazon. The lovely illustrations by Donna Minshew are one of the highlights of the collection.

  • Dancing on the Edge

    Thirty-five poems on life’s ups and downs. Originally written when I was teaching in South Texas, and several of the poems reflect that in different ways. 🙂

    Also available on Amazon

  • Take Out from the Writers Café

    Over one hundred offerings written for contests and prompts at the Writer’s Cafe website. Many of these poems were contest winners in peer voting. Arranged like a take-out menu, the poems range from haikus to multi-part pieces. Something for most tastes.

    Link to ebook.

  • By Candlelight

    A collection is horror poems sprinkled with previously published short stories. Thirty-five poems and four short stories look at the darker fringes of the world — though sometimes with a humorous edge…

    Also available as ebook

  • Overheard in Hell: Dark Poetry
  • Poems exploring hell and damnation. Tales of sorrow, vengeance, betrayal, and redemption. Ghosts, ghouls, and demons stalk these pages. Don’t read in a lonely house…in a darkened room by a single candle…unless you like the touch of an icy finger up your spine. Ebook.

I can’t get the last one to match the others. I guess we’re stuck with the bullets…

If you collect all my poetry books, you will find a few overlapping pieces. I don’t consider this a fault, because I don’t expect most people will want them all — but if you do, be advised that there may be one or two familiar pieces between volumes. 🙂