Anthology Stories

  • From Within the Mist: 

I had two stories in the electronic version of this Double Dragon anthology — “Home By Sunset” telling the tale of a young girl and her very special horse; and “Beauty Within the Briars” a retelling of Sleeping Beauty with a twist.

  • The Stygian Soul: 

My story “Raven and the Snake” is a short piece set in the world created for The Blood That Binds/The Luckless Prince. It features the wizard Eeonathor “Ravenwing” and how he must cope with the loss of his magic. Also available from Double Dragon

  • A Bubba in Time Saves None:

“A Rip in Time” in the latest of Yard Dog Press’s Bubbas of the Apocalypse anthologies deals with time travel, and postulates that Jack the Ripper might not have as easy a time hunting in post-Yumbie-virus America as he did in Victorian England.

  • Zombiefied! An Anthology of all things Zombie:

“Interview With a Zombie” is a Short Short about a cable television interview that doesn’t go quite according to plan. Available from Sky Warrior Books

  • Shifters:

“Coyote Moon” is a flash tale of the Old West. Shifters: A Charity Shapeshifter Anthology benefits the American Humane Society’s Red Star Rescue team.

  • Reloaded: Both Barrels:

“Tumbling After…” is a noir tale of Jack and Jill, Bonnie and Clyde wannabes with about the same luck. Available on Amazon.

  • In The Bloodstream:

“The Madness in Her Eyes” tells the story of a game of hide-‘n’-seek that goes terrifyingly awry. From Mocha Memoirs Press, available on Amazon here.

  • Nightmare Walkers and Dream Stalkers:

Nightmare Stalkers & Dream Walkers contains my story “MacKenzie’s Rose,” a bittersweet story of lost love…and vampires.

  • Come to My Window:

“Shadow of a Black Crow” is about a woman running from consequences. Based on a Melissa Etheridge song. It can be found here.

  • Tales of the Black Arts:

Tales of the Black Arts: A Sword & Sorcery Anthology contains my story “The Dragon Citadel.”

  • Terra Mechanica:

Terra Mechanica: A Steampunk Anthology  from Xchyler Publishing contains my Steampunk fairy tale “The Seven Year Itch.”

  • These Vampires DON’T Sparkle:

These Vampires Don’t Sparkle from Sky Warrior Books has a very different take on the “Origins” of vampires.

  • The Grotesquerie:

Mocha Memoirs’ Women in Horror anthology, The Grotesquerie, has my story “House Call” about a very determined medical student.

  • Sulfurings: Tales from Sodom and Gomorrah:

This collection of stories, poems and essays contains my flash piece “And the Child Shall Lead.”

  • Of Stars and Science: Tales from the Multiverse:

Of Stars & Science: Tales of the Multiverse from Witty Bard Publishing contains “Maid of Ink,” about a very special tattoo.

Contains my story “Here We Go Round” — a story of innocence lost and reclaimed.

Reprints “Sapphire Eyes Shining.” Revenge isn’t always as satisfying as you might think. A Curiosity Shop story.

  • Lucky Draw:

The Pirate Poet — a boy becomes a Shanty Man.

Chains of Straw — a retelling of Rumpelstiltskin.

Contains my story “Iced” about a hard-boiled detective.

Home to “Hooked”, my take on Peter Pan.

 Has my YA story “A Day at the Park”

  • O’ Words Anthology:

Limited edition hardback anthology with “The Book Chamber”

 “Welcome to Dead-Mart” — Bored clerk at a supermarket finds more excitement than he bargained for on a late shift.