The Dragon Hoard

* chorus

* I stumbled on a dragon hoard
And lord, it was a mountain!
If I hadn’t heard her comin’ back
I’d still be there a’countin’.

I found a solid golden cup
And two jeweled finger rings
Three sharp battle axes
And four big silver springs.
(Spoken: Dunno what those were for…)

There were five glowing rubies
And six fine emerald clips
Seven strong iron helmets
And eight nice leather whips.
(Spoken: Not cat’o’nines, but they’ll do…)

Nine large diamonds gleamed
Upon ten spun bales of lace
Eleven chains twined in a braid—
A dozen chests held them in place.
(Spoken: Full of plunder, I betcha…but they was locked.)

I was there all alone, but I grabbed what I could
Till my pockets they bulged at the seams,
And I vowed that return there I would
To gather the wealth of my dreams.


I staggered on back to my hearth and home
And I emptied out all of my treasure.
Determined that I would count again—
Now I that had me the leisure.

In the bright light of day, my joy melted away—
As I saw what it was I had got…
All that glitters ain’t gold as I’m sure you’ve been told—
And what I had pilfered was not.

There was one pewter mug
And two old brass rings
Three stone blades that were chipped
And four bits of old waxen string.
(Spoken: I do need new boot laces…)

There are five red glass bits
And six moss green too
Seven battered skullcaps of bronze
And eight straps of leather and glue.
(Spoken: Well, that’s somethin’ then…)

Nine blobs of clear crystal sap
And ten clumps of cobwebs so fine
Eleven cheap trinkets entwined…
And the chests, I had left them behind.
(Spoken: Prob’ly empty anyway.)

I cursed quite a bit regarding my luck
But then I just started to chuckle…
The greed of a pirate in a dark cavern’s hold
Is sure to make treasure of truckle!