Keep Them Soaring


* chorus

Dragons are more than lizards that fly…
Or horrible monsters with teeth.
They soar through the heavens, touching the sky
While we stand looking up from beneath.

Dragons are creatures who just want to live.
And they have a great service to do.
They have so much to offer they’re willing to give—
Perhaps even a gold coin or two!

Dragons are quiet, intelligent guys…
They won’t bother you if you stay cool.
You’ll leave them alone if you are wise
Though humans aren’t wise as a rule…

Dragons are top of the mythical chain.
They are magnificent creatures
With scales that rattle like whispering rain—
Among their more obvious features.

Dragons are not some venomous pests
For pirates to chase from the skies.
Leave their gold sitting piled in their chests
And let their wings help them rise!

*Free the dragons—leave them alone
Stop trying to rob and destroy…
Dragons are people, if not flesh and bone
They deserve their freedom and joy!