Come and Be a Pirate

*Leave behind the law and lawyers,
When you leave behind the land—
For the law that rules a pirate
Is you take whate’er you can.

So you want to be a pirate?
Well, repeat after me—
I’ll pillage, whore, and plunder
And live the life that’s free.

Little boys who listened
When their Mamas said they should
They ain’t the kind o’ pirates
That will do me any good.

I want a crew that’s ruthless
Cutthroats, thieves and ghouls.
’Cause we don’t hold tea-parties,
And we don’t live by the rules.

We sail upon the heavens,
In an airship tried and true
It’s a whole new world of treasure
That we’ll find before we’re through.

So, if you want to be a pirate
Come on down to the ship.
We need a dozen sailors
To replace those lost last trip!