Our Pirate Crew of Ten

* chorus

* 1, 2, and 1 makes three
4, 5, and 5 again.
We’re heading off to sea once more
Our pirate crew of ten.
Barney the mate weighs a good dozen stone,
And his cutlass is polished and sharp.
He went to school for four years
And he’s good with the shears
If yer pig-tail is needin’ a crop.

Davy the cabin boy’s not quite thirteen,
But he’s a pirate despite through and through.
He’s the best thief I know,
And the wine it does flow
If Davy’s been down at the dock.

Ol’ Doc Malloy’s been at sea since a boy
And he wears a fine doublet of red.
There’s no one at sea
Finer surgeon than he
If your limbs have occasion to rot.

And Billy O’Doul is a bit of a rake
Who flirts with the women in town.
He’s a dandy in dress,
But I have to confess,
He’s a good man when fightin’s around.

Patty the cook is a Belfast man born
And he’ll never let any forget.
But he makes a fine stew
With an onion or two
Any time there is more than just fish.

We are God-fearin’ men led by ol’ Father Brown
Who looks t’other way when it’s best.
He prays for our souls
From the depths to the shoals,
And his sermon’s too good to be missed.

There are twins Pete and Dan
Who no one can tell one from t’other.
They don’t seem to mind—
When they get in a bind—
‘Tis likely the culprit’s his brother.

The bosun Tom Jenkins is clever no doubt
With a tongue like a fine silver flute.
He’s a sweet-talkin’ man
And he does what he can
To keep us all out of the stocks.

And then there is me, Cap’t Black Jack Murphy,
A sea-dog who knows how to howl.
With my crew at my back
There is never a lack
Of adventure and freedom and gold.