Pirates & Dragons



*Sail away with Black Jack Murphy,
We’re soaring through the skies,
Air Pirates Extraordinaire,
And our eyes are on the prize!

There’s a dragon hiding somewhere
Mid the mountains to the North.
We are off to steal its treasure,
And we’re ’bout to sally forth.

There are rumors she’s got mounds of gold,
We’re talkin’ hella tons.
She sleeps upon a bed of jewels
So we’re loading up the guns.

We know that she’s got lots of teeth,
But we’ve got stout sharp swords.
They say her wings to Saturn reach,
But doubtless that’s just words.

We’ll fight her there inside her lair,
Which only we can reach—
It takes an air ship to get there
Take that, ol’ Blackbeard Teach!

We’ve cleared the hold for treasure
so the galley’s rather bare,
but when we beat the dragon,
we’ll have no space to spare.

Dragons may be deadly,
But our pirates are much worse
And we’re used to lots of bloodshed
So we’re takin’ home that purse.

Yes, sail away with ol’ Black Jack—
And face the dragon bold.
And if you live, be certain that
You’ll earn your share of gold!