Save the Dragons

From the time we are but children,
And Puff’s our dragon friend,
We hear about the dragons,
And the legends that they spin.

They fly the skies surrounding Pern,
They dine on virgins sweet.
We really don’t condone that part,
But we all got to eat…

* Save the Dragons! That’s the cry,
I’m spreading far and wide—
They’re noble beings of the sky,
Not cause for Dragoncide!

Even if they’re sometimes rough
And socially un-adept
That doesn’t mean that they deserve
Their evil monster rep.

I met an airship pirate
Who sailed the Seven Skies
Searching for a dragon
To cut him down to size.


His campaign against the beauties
Got me up in arms.
I vowed to work to save them
To keep them safe from harm.

If you believe in dragons,
And love them like I do—
Then help me save the dragons!
Those proud, free-soaring few!