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A Bit About Time Travel…

In writing, especially a novel, it isn’t likely that everything you want to say is linear in time. It MIGHT be…but there is a good chance that you want to tell something that happened in a characters past–or flash forward … Continue reading

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Writing Tip: Found Object Poetry

When I was in the theater, I ran across a unit for creating characters by taking found objects and listing characteristics of the object to build aspects of your character. For example: This fern might be characterized as vulnerable delicate … Continue reading

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Writer Interview: Katie Magnusson

  Today, I have the pleasure of sharing an interview with Katie Magnusson, one of the authors in Mocha Memoirs Press’s new Paranormal Sherlock Holmes anthology, An Improbable Truth.  Here is what she has to say for herself and her … Continue reading

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Writing is Exciting — 3 D's for Daily Success!

It’s another week down on NaNoWriMo. So far, things are going along swimmingly. Jo is proving to be her usual feisty self, and things are heating up for Practical Polly in the dime novel too. There is nothing more exciting … Continue reading

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Once More — Let's Go, WriMo!

[The above is the Toastmasters Speech I gave on the subject Tuesday. Sorry for the position of the camera…but the vocal is good] One last call to action here. 🙂 NaNoWriMo is less than 48 hours away now.  Join me … Continue reading

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Let It Go……

I am a terribly disorganized person. Ask anyone who knows me. But sometimes, I come up with an idea that really helps save my sanity. Not a new idea, by any means, but an idea that works. In 2013, when … Continue reading

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5 Tips to Answer Where Do You Get Your Ideas…?

If you are a writer, you have had somebody ask this question at least once. And, if you are at all prolific, you have been able to tell them…EVERYWHERE! You never know what will strike your fancy. Keep a notebook … Continue reading

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The Writing Process Blog Hop Wrap-up

It falls to me to wrap up the blog hop on writing process that has been happening this month. I sit in the car with my laptop on battery power, which is not how I intended to be doing this … Continue reading

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4 Aspects of Scene Stealing Tricksters and How They Work

  I have a couple of questions for you. No fair looking up the answers. Best guess. Mercutio appears in how many scenes in Romeo and Juliet? 1. 6 2. 4 3. 9   The Trickster appears in how many … Continue reading

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