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Writing Tip: Putting the Sizzle in Steamy Scenes [The following post is rated Adult]

Some of you may know that I have a saucy alter-ego who dips her toe into the erotic. She writes the occasional tale, with a penchant for fairy tales. Her name is “Tysche Dwai” named after a Halfling D & … Continue reading

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We Must Have Cream for Sunday

Long before I finally got to visit Ireland last August, I wanted desperately to go. This desire found its way into several stories, including today’s RieTales story, “We Must Have Cream for Sunday.” That explains the setting, but not the … Continue reading

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5 Tips to Answer Where Do You Get Your Ideas…?

If you are a writer, you have had somebody ask this question at least once. And, if you are at all prolific, you have been able to tell them…EVERYWHERE! You never know what will strike your fancy. Keep a notebook … Continue reading

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