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Writing Tips: Creating a Compelling Character

What makes Huck Finn someone that everyone who has ever read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer or The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn remembers forever? Why were so many watchers of Game of Thrones rooting for Tyrion Lannister to make it … Continue reading

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4 Aspects of Scene Stealing Tricksters and How They Work

  I have a couple of questions for you. No fair looking up the answers. Best guess. Mercutio appears in how many scenes in Romeo and Juliet? 1. 6 2. 4 3. 9   The Trickster appears in how many … Continue reading

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4/2/11 — Do Your Characters Ever Take Over the Writing?

Sometimes, if I am really in the zone writing, something will happen completely out of left field that I had no intention of putting in the piece. Do that ever happen to you? For example, many years ago, writing “Grandmother Clause” … Continue reading

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