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Ahoy There, Matey!

Did ye think I’d forgot? Nay. I was navigating the frozen sea they call I35 on the way home from a successful sail upon the convention seas, but how could I forget to raise a glass to “Talk like a … Continue reading

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Meet the Main Crew of the Moonbeam

For my own stop on the current blog tour, I thought I would dive a little deeper into the characters in Mutiny on the Moonbeam. Look into their histories and motivations a bit, and maybe play “if I were casting … Continue reading

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Meet the Pirates! (Part Three)

Into the home stretch! (Typing on my tablet in the Dealers Room. This should be interesting…  Had to go and get the laptop when the Tablet wouldn’t cooperate. Sigh. See the things I do for you?!) As before, Part One … Continue reading

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Meet the Pirates! (Part Two)

Ahoy, Mates! Here we are back for Part Two of our scurvy crew. If you missed Part One,  you can catch up here.   7) Rie Sheridan Rose — “Hooked” — Rie Sheridan Rose is the author of the Steampunk … Continue reading

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Meet The Pirates! (Part One)

  So…Blogging 101 didn’t work so well, because I have been so busy with the anthology. But THAT is going swimmingly. In fact, here–as a special treat–is a little bit about the Pirates themselves. For the sake of brevity, I … Continue reading

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Avast Ye Airships!

I am very honored and a bit intimidated to announce that I have been asked to edit an anthology for Mocha Memoirs Press. Submissions don’t officially open until May 1st, but I am giving you a few days lead time … Continue reading

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