Meet the Main Crew of the Moonbeam

For my own stop on the current blog tour, I thought I would dive a little deeper into the characters in Mutiny on the Moonbeam. Look into their histories and motivations a bit, and maybe play “if I were casting the movie…”


Captain Aidrian — first of all, this is blatant self-service. I’ve always wanted to name a character after myself, so I did with our gallant captain. Aidrian is a minor prince by right, but felt stultified by the Elven court and wanted to seek his own adventure. He is the epitome of the romanticized pirate, dressing in velvet and lace. He’s stern, but fair, and champions Johnny and Bran. His treatment of the fae is mostly a matter of thoughtlessness rather than cruelty. He’s just never bothered to talk to Twitch and the others and find out their opinions. Elves have always looked down on the fairies–but at least he is willing to grow.

In my mind’s eye, he looks rather like Bowie in Labyrinth, without the mullet. Or maybe Legolas….


Johnny Pate — our John is a good-hearted lad, and he’s spent more than half his life as Aidrian’s mate. His mother “sold him” to the elves because she couldn’t cope with raising him alone. He’s a little old for a cabin boy, but then, at eighteen, he’s a lot younger than the youngest of his fellow sailors. He’s a master carpenter for his age, and has a way with words–if they are plain-speaking not fancy. Aidrian trusts him to be the voice of the elves to their human buyers and suppliers. He’s gentle with the fae, and takes care of Bran from the moment he meets her. Altogether a good bloke.

If I were casting Johnny, I’d want something rather like this (though Hiddleston is too old.) Maybe this fellow.


Branwyn St. Clair — Branwyn has seen more than her fair share of heartache in her sixteen years. When her mother dies, and leaves her stepfather with lascivious intentions, she resolves to run away and find her aunt. Unable to avoid a final confrontation with the man, she knocks him out and dashes into the night dressed as a boy. Sneaking aboard the first ship she comes to, her life is changed forever. Stubborn, opinionated, yet good-hearted as well, she soon makes a new place for herself among the fae.

Branwyn thinks of herself as a plain girl, but her heart lends her a special beauty. I see someone like this.


Doctor Iakona — Iakona is more accepting than most of his fellows when it comes to the humans and the fae. He can look beyond their differences, but he still sees the fairies as lesser beings. He’s the oldest of the elves, and the most educated, which may account for his demeanor. He has a soft-spot for Johnny, and a streak of the romantic running through him that puts him on the side of the young lovers.

I could see David Warner in that role…


Laec — If the book has a villain, it is Laec. He is Aidrian’s first mate, but nothing like the captain in temperament. He’s cruel and vicious, and nothing delights him more than making Johnny’s life miserable. He sets his sights on Branwyn from the start–and he’s not one to give up easily.

Bigger and huskier than his fellow elves, he might be tricky to cast. Maybe something like this.


Dazzle — no character discussion would be complete without the leaders of the fae. If Dazzle is a bit self-important, well, her betrothed is a prince… Quick-tempered and just as quick to laugh, Dazzle is key to the story. Her bright mind and organizational skills help to save the day. Blonde and ebullient, Dazzle is a delight.

I see the fairies as more robust than Tinkerbell…more like this.


Twitch — is there anyone more romantic in the entire book than the Crown Prince who chases off after the elves who have kidnapped his lady love? Twitch is the leader of the fairies in more ways than one! Dark of hair and wit, Twitch is wise counsel when Bran needs someone to rely on.

Twitch feels like this to me. I may even have to order one of those!


And finally,

Queen Mab —  Mab is a very unique character. I never expected to make a sentient spider important to a plot, but there you go.  Without Mab, the Moonbeam would have no sails. Sure, the pixie dust might get her off the ground, but she couldn’t go anywhere without sails. Mab is a little crazy when we first meet her, but she’s the last of her kind on the ship–wouldn’t you be? A little kindness goes a long way toward taming her and providing Johnny and Bran with an indispensable ally.

She looks something like this one


There are many more interesting folk to meet in the story, but that’s enough for now. Come and meet the elves, humans, fairies, and other characters inhabiting the pages of Mutiny on the Moonbeam.






























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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