Browncoats Keep Flyin'

*A Browncoat’s a spark
in the heart of the Black
and the Browncoats are aimin’
to take our ‘Verse back

Serenity Valley broke many a man
but the Browncoats keep flyin’
as best as we can.
Our fight weren’t for glory
or gold or for guns.
Our fight was for freedom
for our daughters and sons.


Sure there are comforts we lost ‘long the way
and many a Browncoat’s
still hunted today.
But our prize is the freedom
to follow the stars
and to know that whatever
we hold to is ours.


Oh, the Black has its dangers–
like Reavers and thieves–
but it goes on forever,
as free as you please.
So we’ll try our luck there
till it beats us at last…
Our faces turned forward,
our hearts in the past.


So band with us brothers,
wheree’er you might be
and remember the lessons
of Serenity–
For Browncoats stood tall
when they gave us their worst,
and there are no finer men
in the whole of the ‘Verse.


And the Browncoats keep flyin’
as best as we can…

2 Responses to Browncoats Keep Flyin'

  1. Carie says:

    Love it! 🙂


  2. Basant says:

    Will miss Book but his death a better fit than Wash’s.One: Books death was iantrompt to the storyline and character development because Book was the catalyst to Mal regaining a little bit of his rudder . Book’s casual murder by the Operative and his dying wish, nay, DEMAND that Mall believe again made Mal and crew confront River’s Miranda secret, rather than just run. Wash was sacrificed meaninglessly as a plot gimmick to create peril.Two: Book was an individual who interacted with the crew but Wash was half of a married couple who as such made up an iantrompt ingredient of Firefly’s unique-ness. To destroy that couple as a plot device is a cheap shot at all those who reveled in a mature, married couple as part of the cast ensemble. Which ties into,Three: Book is a more easily replaced character. If another character with deep-seated religious beliefs were to join Serenity, (not a Sheperd but perhaps a person who wouldn’t be stereotypically devout, say a blue-collar industrial worker who knows why he trusts in his Christian faith) the conscience-character would not replace Book but add to his legacy.But if some guy just jumped into Zoe’s heart and bed, it would be creepy and an insult to both Wash and Zoe.Four: Also, Book’s mysterious past could be explored in flashback, which would keep actor Ron Glass involved in the series without quite the level of sadness that showing widow Zoe’s dead husband would cause. Wash is the funny character and there is little funny about being reminded of his death.I have a few other reasons but coming off night shift, I gotta get to bed!Mike


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