Raise a Glass in Parting

The time will come for leaving…
I know you cannot stay
But later for the grieving…
You’re here with me today.

I’d rather tend my garden
Than wander down the road
And so, I beg your pardon,
I will not share your load.

Parting is sweet sorrow–
Or so the ballads say…
But that is for tomorrow,
When you go on your way.

I’ll share with you my finest wine
And mushrooms from the glen
The last time that we two shall dine
Till you come back again.

I hope it brings you pleasure–
Whatever ’tis you lack…
But for me, the greatest treasure
Will be seeing you come back.

So raise a glass in parting,
but grant me just one boon–
Although your trip’s just starting,
Say it will be ending soon.

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