2020 Has Been…Interesting…From a Business Perspective

Despite what my husband says, most of my income is from hand-selling at conventions. He thinks internet sales are the way to go. My KDP reports say I am not as good at that as I am at sending people home with a book (and I’m not great at that.)

Adding to that the fact that I really haven’t felt like writing this year at all, and I’ve been trying to come up with alternate revenue streams.

One of my ideas is to add bookmarks to my convention table and Etsy store. I’ve managed to get three up online so far. I really hope to make this a new thing, but there will be a learning curve. Especially in listing them on Etsy. 😛

Does anyone have any ideas on how to showcase them better?

Another potential way to make some income is the fact that I have a few copies of my out-of-print books on hand that I would be willing to part with for better prices than they appear on Amazon…

The Luckless Prince — $15 + shipping

The Lute and the Liar — $10 + shipping

The Right Hand of Velachaz — $7 + shipping

Skellyman — $20 + shipping

Sidhe Moves Through the Faire — $10 + shipping

and the great thing about these is they can be signed for free! Plus, shipping will be less if you buy more. For one: $5 shipping, for two: $8 shipping, for three $11 shipping; for four $15 shipping; for all five $18

There are limited numbers of each, so order early for these limited editions. Hopefully, they will be back in print eventually, but these will be collector’s items. 😉

Drop me an email at riewriter@gmail.com to order any of the above (and tell me how you want them personalized if you want them signed.)

I will update this as things sell out.


About RieSheridanRose

Rie Sheridan Rose multitasks. A lot. Her short stories appear in numerous anthologies, including Nightmare Stalkers and Dream Walkers Vols. 1 and 2,  and Killing It Softly. She has authored twelve novels, six poetry chapbooks, and lyrics for dozens of songs. She tweets as @RieSheridanRose.
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