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There’s a Lot of Correlation Between Editing and Sorting…

…so that’s why I am doing both at once… It’s been really hard to make myself stop cleaning (see Here’s the Clean for more on those adventures) and write these blog posts–as you may have noticed. But they really are … Continue reading

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Procrastination Station!

Okay, so we are down to the wire on NaNoWriMo.¬†There are¬†only 5,697 words to go. Jo has behaved herself admirably through most of the draft, and the book has done some things that I really am loving, but… You knew … Continue reading

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The Overwhelming Freedom of Rejection

Until I figure out how to make a “Blog” page, separate from the Front page, this will have to do. I am not going to jump in to revising the site until I decide what I want. But I have … Continue reading

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1/4/2012 — Still Tweaking My Juggling Act…

I haven’t totally figured out how to balance my 3 hour a day cleaning commitment and getting writing done. I did figure out how much my sales taxes would be yesterday. So, that is something related to the writing business, … Continue reading

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