Stefan's Music

Here are the lyrics to Stefan’s songs:

Down to the Sea
(to the tune of “Lavender’s Blue”)


Down to the sea
Flows the river,
There I must go—


Parted from thee
By the river,
Loathing to go.


Wait thou for me
At the river,
When I must go—


I’ll come to thee
On the river,
Or rest below.


I’m Off To Be a Sailor
(tune is only in my head at this point… ;))


I’m off to be a sailor,
And sail upon the sea
Or raft upon the river…
It matters not to me.


Let’s give a cheer for danger,
A rousing one, two, three–
I’m off to be a sailor,
Yes, that’s the life for me!


I long for an adventure,
No stay-at-home I’ll be…
Just give me stars to steer by,
And that’s enough for me.


I weary of the hearthside,
The world I wish to see
With a sturdy deck beneath me
And jolly company.


I’ll return with golden treasure,
And bales of silk for thee.
Jewels of fiery splendor,
And other mysteries.


Yes, sailing on the ocean,
How splendid it will be!
I’m off to be a sailor…
‘Til my mother catches me!

The Ballad of the Stones
(to the tune of Greensleeves)

An elven lay there was of old,
Of Sunstone bound in setting gold,
Of Moonstone wondrous to behold,
And Bloodstone foretelling tomorrow—


In ancient days when elves were king—
The legends tell of a wondrous thing.
In elven hands, together bring—
And see an end to all sorrow.


But Bloodstone was to humans tossed,
While Moonstone’s healing gifts held cost,
And Sunstone’s mystic powers, lost,
Lie hidden until the morrow…


I Tried to Write a Song For You…
(I wrote this for someone in college–but I let Stefan borrow it)


I tried to write a song for you,
To tell you how I feel—
I tried to write a song for you,
But the words won’t come out real….


I’ve loved you from the very start,
The first day that we met—
I’ve loved you from the very start,
And now I can’t forget….


That to you I’m just another note
In an ever changing theme—
And the hope I bear for love’s return
Is only a passing dream….


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