Excerpts from The Luckless Prince’s reviews as they come in:

July 8, 2011: A Word’s Worth book blog — “The Luckless Prince is one of those beautifully crafted stories that reads as ancient, treasured legend – only, you’re living it as it happens. There’s an intricacy to the story – so many layers, so many questions…

The writing is not pretentious or what I consider “heavy,” but it is equally far from sparse. There are beautiful details, both in terms of physical descriptions as well as attention to the ‘backstory’ – readers are given hints and tastes of the things that have led to this moment, but discover the full truth of those matters alongside the main characters – particularly Roland and Stefan – with a sense of natural timing…

In short, it’s a story that drew me in and begged me to finish as fast as I possibly could – I had to know what happened next, how things worked out. The characters feel real, alive…”  — Rebecca Fleming


July 26, 2011: Family Literacy and You! book blog — What a wonderful fantasy/adventure book!

The Luckless Prince…is very well written, full of action, adventure and even a love story or two…I loved it (LOTR’s & Progeny fan that I am)…

Rie has created a wonderful “Elvish” language even as brief as it is within the book and the poetry and music is beautifully written…

I’m going to stop there – I really don’t want to give anymore away. Be sure to get this book if you enjoy Fantasy and Adventure. It’s outstanding and you won’t want to put it down once you start reading it. — Tina Peterson


July 27, 2011: Between the Pages book blog — …Author Rie Sheridan Rose has created a believable fantasy world through precise descriptions, colorful languages, cultural loyalties, and the power of friendship and purpose. This story will attract YA readers and adults alike. 4 Stars — Great Read, A Keeper — Lynda Coker


July 28, 2011: Amazon Review — …The plot is engaging and full of twists and turns and surprises. The characters all have depth to them, primarily because Rie wasn’t afraid to give them flaws. There are no ‘perfect people’ here. While her world bears superficial resemblance to many fantasy worlds (there are elves, there is magic) it isn’t Tolkienesque, it has its own feel. She avoided the problems inherent in creating a huge and sprawling fantasy world (that ofttimes cannot help but sag under their own weight) keeping the geography of her story expansive, but somehow intimate. I never doubted that there is more ‘world’ out there, but those are lands to be explored in another story… one I desperately hope she’ll write. — Jim Reader


August 2, 2011: (This one is something my father posted on my Facebook page, but it was too special to me not to share.)

I’m slowly making my way through The Luckless Prince, and am enjoying it very much, despite my innate disdain for fantasy. Of course you knew that I have trouble wading through the intricacies of fanciful fiction.

This one, however has a certain beauty, IMHO. I was very moved by the exchange between the prince and Collyn on page 33, which hinted that I should keep my eyes glued on the prince’s progress toward becoming a compassionate being. How could it be otherwise…but I will have to wait and see, now won’t I?

Contributing to its beauty, as I see it but those who have not had my historical perspective may not, is my visualizing Mrs. Wright as I savored your use of our language..

I think you were well served by that mean lady who frequently fomented floods of frustrated tears from those eager, ever-searching, windows of your third-grade soul!

Blessings on you, your Luckless Prince, and Mrs. Wright! — WC Holmans


August 18, 2011: Reviews from the Heart — …I was so drawn to this story of adventure because I believe within us all is our childlike sense of adventure. This book is similar to the Lord of the Rings Trilogy where we began our adventure with Frodo and Sam. Here the adventure begins with Roland and Stefan. In the end, the friends will need to work together using their strengths and weaknesses to overcome their greatest challenges. For those of you that love The Lord of the Rings trilogy, then you will LOVE this one! This book rates a stellar 5 out of 5 stars and can’t wait to see what she writes next! — Kat

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  1. Ramdidar says:

    I coulnd’t anwesr these questions as I find story writing to be quite tedious and not yet part of my writing abilities. Perhaps one day. I wanted to take this space to comment on the excerpt from your upcoming book The Luckless Prince. It is quite intriguing, colorful and captivating. I find that I also want to finish reading it, so I will be following your blog anxiously waiting to hear word on its release. As always, I wish you the best of luck Rie!


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