Elven Glossary

Sometimes it is hard to go back and forth to the glossary in a book, but I put it in the back to make it easier to find. I am also placing it here, so you can reference when needed. (If I figure out how to add a table, I’ll even up those endings… 🙂 )  I have decided to expand this page when I have new words to add to my language — but they will be in red, and italicized to separate them from the old words. These words are not found in The Luckless Prince.


Person                 First      Second     Third     Plural

Personal Male         Euae      Twuae         Ruae       Ruaen

Personal Female     Euia        Twuia         Ruia        Ruian

Possessive Male      Ethiae    Twiae         Riae         Riaen
Possessive Female  Ethia      Twia           Ria           Rian


Present       Past      Future

-mi         -ni         -li


Male         Female       Human*

Nouns          -ae                -ia              -o
Adjectives   -ia                 -ia              -io

*Ravenwing uses Elven endings with Daerci on purpose.


Aithar – to halt
Alianiae – nephew
An – to
Andailia – Elven goddess of healing
Areistia – sorry
Astar – to be
Astreal (es) – star (s)
Bostiea – fine
Deastia – please
Deimevia – forever
Ealir – to cry
Eathinae (ia; o) – cousin
Encrir – to do
Endi (ia; o) – easy
Enirmae – you’re welcome
Entheirae (ia; o) – friend
Eostivil – Elven god of luck
Everiar – to love
Evleeae (ia; o) – beloved one
Ilianae (ia; o) – untranslatable epithet
Inithi (ia; io) – little
Inth – me
Ionavae (o) – prince
Ionavia – princess
Iothinae (ia; o) – fool
Itheamia – thank you
Ithneir – to rest
Istionthi – animals bred by elves for underground use
Liar – to feel
Linavae (o) – king
Linavia – queen
Leietae – like
Ne— prefix indicating negative state
Neve – no
Noile – father
Oluvi – treacherous
On – as
Opieviar – open
Opieroile – Birthday
Oth – the
Re— prefix indicating positive state
Reeost – happy
Reve – yes
Rieathinarae – Elven name for a small, white star-shaped blossom
Riuveia – sister
Roile – mother
Ruathia – daughter
Stear – to be certain
Stimariar – to command
Thieae – brother
Threar – to take
Thyesti – dungeon
Thuathae – son
Vieindi – better
Veisthi – promise
Veisthir – to promise
Yrethsti – enough

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