We'll Have a Pint of Stout

(a call out song)

* We’ll have a pint — (one side) a pint — (other side) a pint
We’ll have a pint of stout
And when we’ve drunk it bottom up,
we all will give a shout — (all) Hurrah!

There’s many an inn dotting the Shire
that serves a lovely brew
From Bywater to Bree they say
you’ll want a pint or two
The finest Stout, or nut-brown ale,
the taste comes shining through–
and if you raise a glass to me,
I’ll drink a toast to you!

The Ivy Bush, the Green Dragon,
the Pony o’er in Bree
Let’s make the rounds of Hobbit towns
and have a pint or three
A half-a-pint is fine for lads
of less than thirty-three
but I will drink a full with you,
if you will drink with me!

A toast, a toast, to friend and host
a toast to bonny brew!
We’ll lift a glass to seasons past
and adventures yet to do
We’ll toast each lass that we have met
and some we wish we knew…
and then at last we’ll stagger home…
and tomorrow start anew!

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