Scouring the Shire

Where once the land was green and fine
and life was safe and slow–
the world has turned too far around
and dealt a crippling blow.

For Men have come to Bywater
and sullied up the Shire
They’ve cut the trees, torn down the Mill,
and set the fields on fire!

A hobbit’s pride’s in hearth and home
and now they’ve tried to break it–
We’ll only bear so many trials
before we will not take it!

‘Tis time for taking back our land!
We can no longer stand it.
Even a timid hobbit’s soul
will fight when things demand it!

So heed the call, my fellows–
bring bow, and club, and ire–
And stand with us in Hobbiton
We’re scouring the Shire!

It doesn’t take a thousand swords
to best these evil Men…
It only takes your courage–
and together we will win!

They often overlook us
They think the Halflings tame
Let’s show them quite another side–
they won’t forget our names!

The Silver horn is blowing
All heed its clarion call
They never should have pushed us
‘Til our backs were to the wall!

We’ll fight for home and country
We’ll fight because we must.
And we will win our freedom,
because our cause is just!

For home and hearth, not glory
We’ll fight until they tire…
It’s Small Folk ‘gainst the Big Ones
and we’re scouring the Shire!

And when we raise a glass again
Beside the tavern’s fire–
for sure there’ll be a toast or two
to scouring the Shire!

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