Do You Fancy a Drink?

*Gin, vodka, bourbon, rum
Scotch, wine, mead and ale
Beer in bottles, glasses, pints
in colors dark and pale…

“Do you fancy a drink?”
the barkeep called,
his hand upon the tap.
I pulled up a stool
and joined him there
a maid upon my lap.

I raised my glass
to toast the drink
whatever form it takes.
There’s nothing finer
this wide world ’round
than the stuff the brewer makes.

Whoever first made
Hops to beer
Was such a clever sort
The only drink
That’s better is a
Lovely glass of port.

But beer is better
In a mug,
A-drinking at a bar.
It can make strangers
Into friends, no matter
Where you are.

We drank a toast
The lass and I,
Then we drank another.
We would have
Drunk all night long
but the barkeep was her brother!

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