Cat and Rat


Cat and Rat went out one day
A-travelling through the wood-o,
Cat and Rat went far away
Out from their neighborhood-o.

With me right-da-do 5
Me right-da-diddle-li die do

Cat, he was a bit worried…
To roam so far from home-o…
Rat he scoffed, as he scurried,
“You’re such a silly gnome-o!”

“Oh come along,” cried ol’ Rat,
A-quirking with his finger,
“Call it an adventure, Cat!
There’s no need for to linger—”

Cat, he was more worried still…
He thought they shouldn’t go-o
Rat replied, his voice quite shrill,
“Come on, Cat – don’t be slow-o!”

Cat and Rat were lost in play
As they went through the trees-o.
Cat forgot to watch the way
As Rat did poke and tease-o…

“Rat,” said Cat, “it’s getting cold.”
His voice had lost all cheer-o…
“Let me ask a question bold…
Where do we go from here-o?”

“Look,” said Rat, “you see that glow?
A-shining bright and warm-o?
I bet that’s the way to go—
It sure won’t do no harm-o.”

Cat, he thought Rat might be wrong,
but he was easy-going,
Wouldn’t do to stand there long
It had begun a-snowing!

Rat, he marched up to the door
and rapped upon it smartly.
Knocked until his paw was sore–
and then it opened…partly.

Cat and Rat they saw a nose
and two eyes brightly glowing.
Rat, he rocked back on his toes
with all his teeth a-showing.

“Can we sleep here for the night?”
Asked Rat at his most char-ming.
The door opened wide and bright,
Which should have been alarming.

Once the door was closed and barred,
they noticed their mis-take-o–
Bear it was a-standing there!
And they began to shake-o…

Bear, he put them in a cage–
their protests sharp and shrill-o.
Bear, he laughed to hear them rage…
They may be in there still-o!

Listen to my warning, lads
and all you lasses too-o—
Wand’ring too far from your dads,
Might be the end of you-o!

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