“Sausages that sizzle,
Bread all toasted brown,
Scrambled eggs and bacon,
Pancakes battered ’round.
Porridge in a kettle
Capers, honey, tea–
That’s a Hobbit’s breakfast”
a Halfling said to me.

“Berries dropped in syrup,
Muffins nice and hot,
Cubes of seasoned ‘taters,
Sure do hit the spot…
Sweetened cream for dipping,
Mushrooms, truffles, beer–
That would make this morning
the best I’ve had all year!

“Fried up green tomaters,
Donuts — holed or not —
Deviled eggs with mustard…
What have I forgot…?”
He tapped his foot a-thinkin’
Finger to his chin–
“Oh, that will do for breakfast,
then Elevenses start again!”

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