These Bones Are Made for Walking…

Funny skeleton standing and smiling, human skeleton isolated on white background, 3D rendering

This story originally appeared as a bonus on the website that used to exist for the Home for Wayward Spirits. (And may one day again…I am toying with the idea–because everyone needs four websites to keep track of, right?)

Bruce and Roxanne are settling into the mansion when she comes to her room one night to find a skeleton in her closet. Literally.

When she brings Bruce and Rose back to the room, they find it’s now in her bed!

As they question their unwanted visitor, they find that it is all Bruce’s fault it is here–of course.

Who is the skeleton, and what does it want? Is there a new resident in the Home?

Find out in Bruce and Roxanne from Start to Finnish from Yard Dog Press.

About RieSheridanRose

Rie Sheridan Rose multitasks. A lot. Her short stories appear in numerous anthologies, including Nightmare Stalkers and Dream Walkers Vols. 1 and 2,  and Killing It Softly. She has authored twelve novels, six poetry chapbooks, and lyrics for dozens of songs. She tweets as @RieSheridanRose.
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