5/19/11 — RieView: Unrequited by James Bennett

UnrequitedUnrequited by James Bennett
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have been cogitating over what I wanted to say about this book for the better part of a week, and decided I’d better just “git ‘er dun.”

This book is a very powerful read. The writing was compelling, it pulled me along, I couldn’t stop reading for more than short breaks…that said, I can’t really say I “liked” it. It isn’t meant to be liked. It is meant to dive into your bones and worm its way in. The characters are well drawn, and play heavily on your emotions…do I like Aaron, do I think he is weak, do I feel sorry for him, do I want to see him win in the end? I wasn’t sure how to answer any of those questions. And most of the characters raise the same level of engagement for you.

The style of the book, being a very anti-chronological diary of sorts, worked well to present the events in the order the author wished them revealed. It meant a few “OH! Now I see…” moments were scattered throughout, and that was fun.

This is definitely an unconventional love story,
(with a male/male relationship if that matters to you). Horrific, emotional, and worthy of a read. I can’t quite give it 5 Stars, because I was miffed toward the end, but it is a definitely solid 4 and I highly recommend it.

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