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What Do I Talk About Now…?


The end of the insanity has left me a bit at odds. Yes, some days it was almost impossible to come up with a submission. But in the end, it always worked out, and I did it.

There were For the Love submissions, like the Haiku Universe offerings. (Great place to submit, by the way–even better place for your daily haiku fix.)

There were the “for the long haul” royalty submissions to Horrified Press.

Several flat fee submissions, like “Leaving the Tower” in Hides the Dark Tower.

My first editing foray into the world of anthologies with Avast Ye Airships!

Branching out on my songwriting with a sale to GriffinEd.

It was a great year.

But now, it is over. And I am a little at a loss for direction. It isn’t as if I don’t have many project irons in the fire… (Did you see the call for my next anthology Ghosts, Gears, and Grimoires?)

Still, I am feeling a little lost. My house is getting more organized. I actually cooked dinner the other night. I am trying to walk 30 minutes a day. But missing that extra frenzied urgency is weird…

Ah well, I am sure I will find some sort of mischief to get up to. 😉

Busy Month Ahead!

February wears many hats, and I am going to be helping with a couple of them. First, it is “Women in Horror” month, and Mocha Memoirs will be celebrating with the release of The Grotesquerie with my brand new story “House Call.” There is a blog tour and other events as well, and I will be trying to be involved with those as much as possible. We will see what the health gods permit.

Also, next week will be non-stop partying (well, almost) from Steampunk with Heart. There will be a blog tour, virtual tea parties, and a mega-giveaway. This will be a great chance to find out about some cool Steampunk you may or may not have heard of before. I will be hosting a tea with Cindy Spencer Pape Thursday night from 8-10 EST on the page linked above. Drop by and visit us. 🙂

Somewhere in all this, I have two big submissions to finish, an online class to catch up with, other submissions to take care of, a convention to attend–barring unforeseen complications, and I am sure I am missing stuff…

Let’s get healthy now…that will help immensely. 😀

There Are Gonna Be Some Changes Around Here!

Well, one of the challenges in the Scavenger Hunt is to have another contestant critique your blog. So I did.



At the moment, since my blog is just the homepage of my website, it was easier to critique the whole thing. And I learned a great deal from the comments. So expect the site to undergo some major facelifting and marketing enhancements over the next few weeks.


In between submissions and WRITING those submissions, which has been monopolizing my time lately. I’m standing at 51 separate submissions for the year so far…and it isn’t March until tomorrow. Look, I CAN be a real writer when I want to be. 😉