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Making the Big Sale

Ghosts on Drugs

My first submission of the year has been accepted and paid for. It has been a really unique experience for  me, and I wanted to share it. 🙂

I saw the call for Ghosts on Drugs, and it sounded really fun. The premise is a simple one — each story must include at least one ghost on at least one drug.

I came up with a flash piece about 1400 words long that I really liked and sent it in.

The response was quick, friendly, and positive. And, in a very unique twist for me, the editor, Hy Bender, liked my story, but asked for edits BEFORE acceptance. It was intriguing.

We went back and forth three times before he sent it on to his co-editor, Will Paoletto, to look at.

Then, the waiting…luckily, not TOO long a wait. 😉

To get that email saying “We want it, where do we pay you?” was AMAZING!

I think this was the first time I’ve been paid on acceptance. 15 cents a word. Making this my biggest sale yet.

This is a great start for my goal of $5000 this year!

If you are a writer looking for a great place to submit–I highly recommend Ghosts on Drugs.

Newly Resolved…

I was reading Show Your Work!: 10 Ways to Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered today, and one of the things that fellow Austinite Austin Kleon emphasizes is that you should keep the audience engaged with the work and show your process as you create.

I’m very bad about doing this, so I am resolving to put this blog to better use in the coming months. And tonight, I was presented with the perfect opportunity.

I was about to toss an envelope sitting on my desk, when I happened to turn it over. This was what I found:

2014-12-16 21.32.38

In case you can’t read my writing in places:

I dreamt of flowers
in the rain
the day they told me
you wouldn’t be coming
home again.

The knock at the door
almost went unanswered
because I didn’t
want Jehovah’s Witnesses
or two candy bars
for a dollar.

If I had left it alone,
pretended to be out,
would they simply
have left a note?

Or might you still
be alive somewhere?


As you can see–if you read closely–as I transcribed it from the envelope, I made changes to the punctuation, capitalization and spacing. This is my process. 🙂

And I almost tossed what I think is a pretty cool poem.

Unfortunately, that is also part of my process. I leave stuff everywhere. So, keep an eye on Here’s The Clean, too, and see if I get both sides of my house in order next year!