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Been Awhile…

…with no real excuse, but I have been busy.

Since SoonerCon, I have attended three shows,  released two books, and signed several contracts.

Book Two of The Conn-Mann Chronicles is now available. The Nearly Notorious Nun is on Kindle and in paperback on Amazon.

I also have a new poetry chapbook, Overheard in Hell, which is also available on Amazon.

October will be a busy month too. I have two major releases the week of the 23rd. Killing It Softly, available now for pre-order, and my second Steampunk anthology for Mocha Memoirs, Ghosts, Gears, and Grimoires will also debut that week. This was fun to put together. It is horror with a Steampunk twist.

Coming up, more Conn-Mann is with the beta-readers, and I will be writing Book Four for NaNoWriMo, as the first three have been. What it will be, is still in question…I thought I knew…but I have been rethinking what I was planning.

I am also working on several other projects, but who knows when they will be finished. 😉

Ending and Beginning: The State of the Resolution Address

Those of you who read this blog regularly (Thank you!) have been following my saga of submittals for the past year. Some days, we weren’t any of us sure that I could meet my goal–but I did. Over 400 submissions for 2015. At least one a day. Those submissions ranged from haikus to a novel. Some were submitted multiple times before they found a home–I never said it would be a new submission every day–but most of them did eventually find their niche.

Total Stats:

Month Rejected Accepted Subs
Jan 11 7 33
Feb 9 3 29
Mar 20 23 39
Apr 13 11 32
May 17 15 38
Jun 20 13 31
Jul 16 18 38
Aug 20 19 37
Sep 17 9 30
Oct 13 19 34
Nov 11 16 30
Dec 14 3 32
Total 181 156 403


It took some searching to find numbers I had missed posting to the proper columns, but this now works out correctly, with 66 subs still out and not finalized carried over to the 2016 page for follow-ups in the coming week.

I don’t know if you are impressed, but I am…lol.


It was exhausting. And, though i saw an uptick in the income page, not particularly profitable. My greatest income by far came from CD royalties and editing.

This year, my husband has provided me with a new goal–$5,000 income. Steep, but I am now of the opinion that if I try hard enough, i can do anything. 🙂

I will be cutting my submission goal to one a week, so I can concentrate on writing more polished pieces of greater length for markets that stretch me as a writer. (I won’t neglect my favorites, but that is the official goal.)

I will consider taking on more freelance work, and doing more paid editing.

Plus, I am in the process of re-releasing my Conn-Mann Chronicles books, and finalizing guidelines for a new Steampunk anthology with Mocha Memoirs.

The year ahead should be exciting, and busy, but not as terrifying as trying to come up with that sub for the day. 😉

Meet the Pirates! (Part Three)

Avast Ye Airships_Banner

Into the home stretch! (Typing on my tablet in the Dealers Room. This should be interesting…  Had to go and get the laptop when the Tablet wouldn’t cooperate. Sigh. See the things I do for you?!)

As before, Part One is here and Part Two is here.

Our final third of villainous crew begins with that scurvy knave Jim Reader…

13) Jim Reader — “Adventures of a Would-Be Gentleman of the Skies” — Jim Reader was orphaned as a child, and raised by a pack of wild corny dogs. They taught him having a stick up the bu… well, it’s a bad thing, and that the value of grease and mystery meat is incalculable. He’s previously been published in “The Ladies of Trade Town” Continue reading Meet the Pirates! (Part Three)

Meet the Pirates! (Part Two)

Avast Ye Airships_Banner

Ahoy, Mates! Here we are back for Part Two of our scurvy crew. If you missed Part One,  you can catch up here.


7) Rie Sheridan Rose — “Hooked” — Rie Sheridan Rose is the author of the Steampunk series The Conn-Mann Chronicles and various related pieces as well as “Sixteen-Gun Sam” slated for Fictionvale Episode Seven. She writes a lot of other stuff too. And, she has just edited her first anthology — THIS ONE! Continue reading Meet the Pirates! (Part Two)

Meet The Pirates! (Part One)

AvastYeAirships72dpi (1)


So…Blogging 101 didn’t work so well, because I have been so busy with the anthology. But THAT is going swimmingly. In fact, here–as a special treat–is a little bit about the Pirates themselves. For the sake of brevity, I will be posting six at a time each Friday until we meet them all.

I asked my authors to tell me why they wanted to be in the anthology. Here are their answers, and a bit about each one. 😉

In order of appearance, here are the first set of scurvy crew:


1) Stephen Blake — “Beneath the Brass” — Stephen Blake lives in Continue reading Meet The Pirates! (Part One)

Putting Things in Perspective

It had been awhile since I updated the “My Work” pages. (I still don’t have a page for the individual poems or update on poetry period.)

Looking over the list of anthologies I have stories in — now up to 17 if I haven’t forgotten something, and not counting stories that have not yet been published; and the websites/magazines I have appeared in — another 15 to date…I have been pretty busy the last two years.

Next year, I should have a novel, an anthology, and a short story collection (possibly two) coming out as well. No wonder I feel tired!

I had been feeling like I was slacking. I feel much better about things now. I’m starting to believe I can call myself a writer.  😉