Let’s Have a Celtic Christmas

The Holly, ivy, mistletoe…
The yew branch on the wall
All of these have Celtic roots—
We celebrate them all.

A candle in the window
To call the traveler home
A symbol of trad-ition
Wherever we may roam.

*The year is almost over,
Christmas is nearly here.
It’s time for celebration,
Let’s raise a glass, my dear—

The year is almost over,
Christmas is nearly here.
Let’s make a new tradition
And share our Celtic cheer!

The Yule log in the fire place
The new lit from the old
It burns for all the evening
And brings on luck foretold.

Decorations on a Yule tree,
The way we often do
Bright stars upon the pine boughs
Yes, that was Celtic too.

And even Father Christmas,
Our modern Santa Claus,
Was once a Celtic fellow—
Now, does that give you pause?

So hang a wreath upon your door
And set the Guinness out.
Let’s have a Celtic Christmas
That’s what it’s all about!

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