Let’s Get Drunk Tonite


* Give us a pint
I’ll pay for this round
And do it without a fight
Comes the sun, I’m outward bound
So let’s get drunk tonight!
Let’s get drunk tonight!

The time has come to leave the Shire
and roam the wide world green
I’ve heard the tales of broader dales
and things I’ve never seen.

I have no taste for farming life–
I leave that to my brother–
I want to roam far from my home
and maybe find another.

I want to see the towers of Men
that rise up to the sky,
and see the dells where wood elves dwell
and give dwarf beer a try!

I was not made for hearth and home
I’ve known this from my youth.
I’ve a restless soul with no fixed goal
if you wanna know the truth.

So let’s all drink till we are drunk
let beer flow like a fountain–
I’ll soon be gone–travelling on,
o’er hill and dale and mountain…

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