A-Working in the Garden

There’s no finer place to me
In all the wide world round
Than when I’m digging taters
Or planting in the ground.

Seeding in the Springtime,
Harvesting in the Fall…
Tending vines in Summer,
The best times of them all.

I plant me corn and carrots,
Taters, herbs, and peas.
Sometimes watermelons,
And tomatoes, if I please.

And – of course – some Mushrooms,
Buried deep in bark
So they grow big and juicy–
Hidden in the dark.

There’s nothing finer to me,
Than working in the dirt
Weeding, hoeing, planting,
Until your muscles hurt.

It is an honest labor
The finest one around…
Yes, there is nothing better
Than digging in the ground.

So come on down to visit
I’ll cook you up a stew
And if you bring a coney,
I’ll add it in there too!

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