RieView — Random Realities by Melanie Fletcher — 5 Stars

I picked up Random Realities for my Kindle because Melanie Fletcher is a friend of mine, but oh, am I glad she is. This collection of stories runs the gamut from pastoral to parody, and every story is a gem.

From the first story, “Lost in Whitby” — a tale of love lost, and found, and DIY — to the haunting “All on a Summer’s Day” to the space opera with a twist of “Lusts of the Cat Queen: a Dash Manning Adventure”, I loved every minute of it.

My personal favorite was “Think Small” because of the deft hand that shows us the character growth in Emily as the story progresses.

Seldom does a book with stories ranging from fantasy to horror strike the perfect note in every genre. This one does. I highly recommend it.