5/11/11 — RieView: The Mirror of Yu-Huang by Christine Norris

The Mirror of Yu-HuangThe Mirror of Yu-Huang by Christine Norris
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was my first introduction to the Library of Athena, though halfway through I went back and bought the first two volumes, and I was pleased with the book. I am a huge fan of Ancient China, and I was looking forward to seeing what Ms. Norris did with the myths of this culturally rich time frame. I now have new stories to seek out! There is another reviewer who said she figured out the villain from the introduction. I must be more easily misled, because I wasn’t sure who the villain was until Ms. Norris wanted me to know.

The characters are very well-drawn teenagers, and I found them extremely believable. I am looking forward to going back to their earlier adventures, and anticipating where they might find themselves next. I would love to see the series continue for quite some time. These are heroines that a teen could look up to without feeling talked down to.

Very pleasing first impression of Ms. Norris’ work. It won’t be the last I read.

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