1/5/11 — RieView: Through the Eyes of Your Teens — 3 Stars

Latiece’s Through the Eyes of Your Teens: A Collection of Poems is a nice collection of poetry dealing with subjects all teens have to consider growing up — fitting in, sex, parenthood, suicide. Of course, not all teens FACE all these situations, but enough do that this little collection of poems can provide insight and strength in times of travail. Poems like “Sometimes”, “The Eraser”, and “The Exchange” are especially powerful. And yet there is the peaceful beauty of “Your Eyes~”, short yet poignant.

Occasionally, the reader is pulled out of the poetry by a misused word or typo that is unfortunate for the poet’s sake. However, they aren’t distracting enough to obscure the message if you just read on.

All and all, I enjoyed the collection, and I think there is something to be gleaned for all readers in this book. I hope to see more from the poet in the future.