RieView: Jekyll

I had heard a great deal about Jekyll(6 episodes on BBC in 2007) but had never seen it. Now that I have the glory that is Netflix Instant Queue, I decided to indulge my curiosity and give it a look.

Fabulous. That is the only word for it. Fabulous. Superb acting by James Nesbitt. Wonderful supporting cast with many familiar faces (ie Gina Bellman from Leverage). Stupendous writing (as per usual) from Stephen Moffat. Bits of funny wrapped in lots of suspense. Everything one could wish for in a modern re-envisioning of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Moffat is a master of modernizing classics without losing the magic that made them classics in the first place. After seeing Sherlock, I had no doubt he could do the same here…and I was not disappointed. Only one thing disappoints — there was no second season to explore the interesting hints in the final episode.